Build an eCommerce Website

SiteGenerator is the powerful ecommerce enabled Content Management System (CMS) from cloud-based ecommerce solutions provider cloudBuy. It has been used to build ecommerce websites for business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and government to consumer (G2C) purposes. Sites built using SiteGenerator technology integrate with all major credit card, finance and marketplace systems to enable maximum sales for all types of business.

SiteGenerator is built on cloudBuy’s platform and allows organisations to create sophisticated ecommerce websites using an online CMS to create high quality online trading experiences. It allows for in-house management of your website content, ensuring your information is always up to date for a better customer experience.

History of SiteGenerator

cloudBuy, then known as @Software, first developed SiteGenerator in 1998 with the aim of creating ecommerce websites for businesses to trade online via the internet. Alongside this, @Software was also creating static, informational websites for companies who flourished during the dotcom boom.

In 1999, @Software became @UK and continued to develop and increase the functionality of SiteGenerator. In 2013, @UK became cloudBuy.

SiteGenerator is built on the cloudBuy platform, which allows those with SiteGenerator ecommerce websites to easily join other cloudBuy online marketplaces or Purchasing Portals. All users have access to the same back end system and technology.

The cloudBuy platform is cloud-based, flexible and scalable, allowing it to meet the requirements of a wide range of organisations. This allows us to offer a variety of solutions and services that easily integrate with SiteGenerator:

  • Purchasing Portals
  • eMarketplaces
  • Source to Pay
  • Contract Management
  • SpendInsight