Build an eCommerce Website

SiteGenerator is the leading ecommerce Content Management System (CMS) and is used to build ecommerce sites for B2B,, B2C, and Government to Citizen (G2C) purposes. Sites built using @UK technology are integrated with all major card, finance and marketplace systems to enable maximum sales for all types of businesses.

The cloud based platform that SiteGenerator is built on gives businesses and organisations a sophisticated ecommerce website using an online CMS to create quality, online trading experiences. It permits in-house management of your website content which gives organisations full control of how the website looks in facilitating interaction with customers.

SiteGenerator Ebusiness Model

SiteGenerator is the first technology to support a comprehensive 6D ebusiness model. The core value of a marketplace is the amount of business that can be conducted without having to leave the marketplace. SiteGenerator  technology allows suppliers and customers to find a complete end to end solution that enhances their business through all the steps from customer acquisition through to fulfilment and repeat business.

History of SiteGenerator

SiteGenerator was first developed in 1998 by @Software with the idea of creating eCommerce websites for businesses to trade online via the internet. Also available in 1998, SiteGenerator created normal static, informational websites for companies who flourished during the dotcom boom. 

In 1999, @Software became @UK and over the years SiteGenerator has developed an increased it's functionality in line with modern online business trading trends. This meant that the @UK team has extended the functionality and features that SiteGenerator posseses to accommodate modern trading for any business. 

Versions of SiteGenerator went from Website to eCommerce website, to Purchasing portals, to eMarketplaces, to supplier management systems and procurement hubs. 

The moajority of @UK services are built on the same cloud platform that SiteGenerator is created on. So, whether our clients have a static website, an online shop, or a specialised eMarketplace, all of them will use the same back end system and technology as SiteGenerator. 

As the technology is built in-house using cloud technology, this means that we are highly flexible and the technology is completely scalable to the needs of the customer. Proof of this is in the variety of solutions and services that @UK offers with SiteGenerator where we are able to offer the following to all types of businesses: 

  • Templated websites
  • Bespoke websites 
  • Innovative Content Management System
  • ecommerce websites
  • Purchasing portals
  • Purchase to Pay Solutions
  • Procurement hubs
  • eMarketplace
  • Supplier Management System