SiteGenerator CMS

SiteGenerator® CMS is a unique content management system that uses a sophisticated web based dashboard that allows you to create modern websites. It permits in-house management of the website that gives organisations full control of the content keeping the maintenance of the website efficient and up to date.  

as SiteGenerator is at the core of @UK's business solutions, users can benefit from a range of features to assist in the modern business world.These include a repsonsive design to adjust to portable devices, modern designs and web templates, customisable metadata, social media integration, eCommerce functionality, eMarketplace integrations and much more.

Businesses can also benefit from search engine optimisation where you can choose your own keywords and descriptions to get higher rankings in search engines to increase greater visibility. As you’re in control of your content, the changes can be made in real-time, which means higher search engine rankings due to updated and newer content. 


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