G2C Should Be Bigger

Ecommerce is ideally suited to G2C interactions, however because Government is both conservative, and often chooses contractors that are expert in Government systems rather than ecommerce there have been a number of expensive failures and there are a large number of G2C ecommerce systems that have very poor usability. Generally Government is a monopoly so it does not have the competitive force that has driven the improvements in B2C ecommerce and is often behind B2B in functionality and roll out.

Ecommerce Benefits

Self service shopping

24 x7

Accurate orders

Accurate Prompt Payment

Much lower cost than previous methods

Quicker to change than previous methods

Much better more customised service

Much lower running costs

Results of eCommerce Benefits

Government is still gradually adopting ecommerce and the benefits are now well proven. However there is still a tendency to significantly over specify and pay resulting in overly complex ecommerce systems. A low cost ecommerce system ensures value and allows the service to be promoted so that citizens are aware that they can interact electronically.

Modern Ecommerce Requirements

Traffic - Search engine optimisation and support for ad tracking to assist with take up of the service

Self service - good usability ensures system is self service and minimises costs

FAQ and help - process to ensure that all queries can be answered on line

All ways on - 100% uptime payment fail over so site up even if bank down

automated processes to support results of site interactions

ability to support jumps in demand

Continued cost reduction and improved customer service