G2C eCommerce

@UK's Government-2-Citizen SiteGenerator solution allows local authorities to take payments from their constituent users online in a highly safe and secure manner. Local councils will be able to offer online payments for their general services such as council tax, to offering parents to pay for their children's school meals and carers to purchase goods and services from vetted suppliers all from a solution that will meet government IT guidelines.


G2C Packages

G2C Council eCommerce

G2C Council eCommerce offers a government secured eCommerce website for councils allowing residents of their constituents to pay for council services online. This mean local authorities are able to take online payments for services such as council tax, business licenses etc etc.

As @UK's solutions are accredited to IL3 and set to ISO9001, local authorities can be assured that their website are safe and secure.

G2C Services for Schools

G2C Services for Schools allows councils to offer online payments to allow schools to purchase the council's services such as legal services and financial services for schools. 

School Meals

As specialists in online payment technology, @UK has all the necessary knowhow and tools to implement a payment system for parents to pay for their child(ren)'s school meals direct from the council website. Eliminating the responsibility for pupils to carry cash. With the School Meals Payment Portal, councils can provide a secure pyament method for parents. 

Care Services

As a leader in building eCommerce marketplaces, @UK has developed a trusted solution to allow local authorities to have a marketplace specific to their social care services. For more information please go to http://web.uk-plc.net/uk-care

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All of the above are also available on the governement G Cloud Cloudstore

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