CMS Features

Content Control

Keep on top of your content as SiteGenerator CMS allows businesses to edit information in-house making the maintenance of your site easier and more efficient due to the easy to use user interface. Most content can be edited and updated with basic word processing knowledge.

The CMS allows for teams to work together creating better business cohesion and you can still keep your normal workflow with different user and administrator settings allowing some to only edit and save content, whilst others can edit, publish and delete content as necessary. There are also publishing options so you can prepare your content and only publish it when it’s ready and perfect.


Mobile & Tablet Friendly

All websites created by @UK under our latest version of SiteGenerator (version 13) will have mobile responsive designs making them compatible with tablets and smart phones. This will be crucial as more and more people are browsing the internet on portable devices in favour of traditional PCs and desktops.


Search Engine Optimisation

As a high ranking website ourselves, @UK has the knowledge and expertise about search engine optimisation helping businesses gain higher rankings on Google and other search engines. This gives businesses better exposure amongst the crowded internet. With a simple and customisable keyword submission on our CMS, you input your desired metadata tags that are appropriate to your business and services.


Web Based Dashboard

All you need is access to the internet and you can edit your website with the intuitive dashboard for easy administration of your website.


Bespoke Websites

The SiteGenerator CMS is designed to make it easy for businesses to manage their own websites and have the system fully flexible according to your business trading needs.

You can have a simple informative and content rich website with your very own design that reflects your company’s brand as designed by our in house design team.

You can also opt for an eCommerce functionality that allows people to buy from you directly from your website so they can shop and pay via card payments or even PayPal all in the ease and comfort of their own homes.


Social Media Integration

Social network integration is available to popular tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs making it easy to keeping content active, current and synchronised.  Organisations can keep track of the conversation around their products, services and brand.


Blogging Tool

SiteGenerator CMS lets organisations have an integrated blog section, editable from the CMS and publish them. Published blog posts can be setup to receive comments from public with a captcha tool to minimise spam and unwanted messages, keeping the conversations and comments genuine.


Multimedia Library

As today's society using more and more new media resources, SiteGenerator’s flexible nature allows you to embed different types of media including  images, videos and documents for download. By having a website that uses a variety of content media, businesses can engage more with their clients. 



Online trading is crucial for most businesses in today's business society. Having an @UK eCommerce website will keep your digital sales channel up to date as a dynamic shopping basket comes standard with every eCommerce website.


Multilanguage Support

As the internet is accessible by many different countries, businesses need to ensure their website communicates to their audiences in the right language. This is why @UK offers support for websites that may need their information written in more than one language.


All sites created by @UK adhere to W3C Accessibility accreditation, providing equal access to people with diverse disabilities.


Reports & Tracking

With more and more organisations needing a concrete digital presence, SiteGenerator can offer assistance in how your website is performing by tracking visits to your website. It can monitor page visits, unique visitors and even their search term that bought them to the site. 

For eCommerce users, you can pull reports on the number of sales made via the website. Reports can be as detailed as you like with a drill down to the time of day where the most/least sales were made. 

Site reports can help businesses adapt and change their online strategy to best increase visits and/or conversions.



Qualified and friendly support desk to help you build your website. 



Listing in numerous @UK directories and portals and visibility to purchasing organisations such as local authorities (where possible).