B2C eCommerce Features & Benefits

B2C ecommerce is much more advanced and competitive than b2b ecommerce. Consumers normally have a a large number of choices, and so sites have to be fast easy to use and quick to navigate. The focus is now on attracting, retaining customers and increasing the profitable sales.

Ecommerce features

Safe & Secure with PCI:DSS accreditation

Accept orders on account

Add a secure shopping basket and checkout

Accept orders by cheque

Accept orders by credit / debit card (PSP required)

Receive notification of orders by fax, email or online

Send invoices electronically

Generate sales reports

Catalogue manager

Ecommerce Benefits

Self service shopping

24 x7

Accurate orders

Accurate Prompt Payment

Accurate Payment

Lower cost than catalogue and mail/phone order

Quicker to change than catalogue and mail/phone order

Larger catalogues and or more customised service

Much more profitable

Results of eCommerce Benefits

There are always new B2C niches being created, and ecommerce allows you to take new products to market much more quickly than previously. However, for established markets the competition is ferocious, and there is a constant battle to attract and retain customers and margins.

Modern Ecommerce Requirements

Traffic - Search engine optimisation and support for ad tracking

Low Drop out Rate - fast pages, easy shopping basket and checkout

Up Sell - process tailored to product

All ways on - 100% uptime payment fail over so site up even if bank down

Rebates, loyalty schemes and promotions

Automated returns

Ability to support jumps in demand

Continued profitability