B2B Packages

SiteGenerator Business

A professional B2B ecommerce system.  This is an upgrade from B2C SiteGenerator that  support the complexity of B2B pricing marketing  and content delivery.  So that custom content and pricing can be shown to every customer.


SiteGenerator Enterprise

SiteGenerator Enterprise allows for additional punchouts to any non @UK marketplace or bespoke eCommerce site with tailored permissions and rules. This will give buyers using our purchasing portal seamless access to the Enterprise’s eCommerce site or other Marketplace, allowing them to purchase goods and services via the @UK Marketplace.


SiteGenerator Global

Fully integrated global multi channel eCommerce with supply chain track and trace covering ethical and environmental impact of all products and services.

It comes with an online control centre where you can manage your orders, build your eCommerce website with search engine optimisation functionality and integrated blog and news section. This means organisation's can have complete control over their global eCommerce from real time updates of information, news and offers.

Users can edit, update, publish content and upload documents, pdfs and images all from one single portal, making it easy to manage and get changes in real time.

Options for social network integration is available to popular tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs, making it easy to keeping content active, current and synchronised.

Mobile versions of the website are also available allowing the audience to visit on mobile phones and tablets.

Price stated is the annual license fee and there may be an additional quote for a website design service and other bespoke website and eCommerce features you wish to add.

For more information on any of these packages, please contact sales@ukplc.net